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How Hypios Works


What is Hypios?

Hypios combines intelligent crowdsourcing, competency discovery technology, and human outreach to deliver an optimal open problem-solving service. “Seekers” post R&D problems to the network and select a deadline and a price for the successful “Solver.” Hypios, which draws from a network of over 950,000 experts across the world, has been solving R&D problems for global companies since 2008.


Step 1: You submit your problem(s) to Hypios

With the help of one of our consulting partners (click here), you identify the right problem(s) to be solved. Our partners help you formulate the problem, set a reward prize and a deadline. The anonymized problem is then posted on the Hypios solving platform. Your company’s identity remains confidential during the entire process, from problem posting to solution acquisition.


Step 2: Hypios identifies key specialists

Using its powerful semantic analysis software, Hypios creates a conceptual graph of the problem to extract and suggest relevant keywords. These keywords are then used to search the Web using a competency discovery engine that identifies potential experts. From a database of approximately 1 million solvers, the candidates that match the problem’s obvious—or non obvious—prerequisites are contacted by our solver team and start working on solutions.


Step 3: Hypios maximizes resolution probability

During the submission period, solvers may ask us to clarify aspects of the problem. Hypios works as an intermediary for all communication between Seekers and Solvers, but Seekers can make public updates to their problem to reflect the feedback they get from Solvers. Over this period, a dedicated Hypios team works with solvers to enhance the quality of solutions, and “narrowcast” the problem to more specialists if not enough valid solutions have been submitted.


Step 4: You choose the solution(s) that best fit(s) your needs

Your team reviews the solutions. You are under no obligation to purchase one (or more) solutions if they do not meet your requirements. If you choose one (or more) winning solution(s), your company acquires the copyright of the solution and the Solver(s) is/are paid accordingly.

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For further information on Hypios products and services, or to launch an open-problem solving campaign to accelerate and expand your innovation process, please contact us now. A representative will guide you through the process and answer any question you may have.  

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