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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the diversity of the Solver network important?

Diversity is critical. Studies show that a high percentage of unsolved problems within an organization can be solved by people outside the immediate domain and discipline of the problem. Diversity is therefore one of the most valuable aspects of Hypios.


Which industries does Hypios serve?

Hypios is well suited for any industry. Hypios and its interface are adapted to all industries.


How can I be sure Solvers exist for a particular problem?

Hypios works with institutions and individuals to ensure a large and diverse Solver base that captures as many industries and disciplines as possible.


What is the definition of the "right" solution?

 If a solution corresponds to the criteria you specified or allows you to overcome the barrier to solving a particular problem or set of problems, it is deemed as the "right" solution and whoever offered it should be rewarded. 


Is there a minimum problem price on Hypios? 

Yes, the minimum problem price is USD 5,000. The minimum price ensures that Hypios retains a focus on high value problems and ensures the interest of highly qualified Solvers. 


Are Solvers legally able to sell their solutions to Seekers?

Yes. Solvers can legally sell their solutions to Seekers, and prior to joining Hypios, each Solver signs a legal document stating his or her eligibility to participate and submit solutions.


How many solutions can a Seeker buy?

There is no limit to the number of solutions that a Seeker can purchase. A Seeker must purchase at least one solution before being able to license other solutions.