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Preventing Discoloration of Canned Food Products

10 000

Abstract: A world leader in the ready-to-eat vegetable market is looking for a way to prevent red

discoloration in food products heated to under 135°C, in presence of metal (i.e., canned goods or




ETDA, an authorized food additive can currently be used to prevent the discoloration of red

products (for example beans with an anthocyanin type pigment: unstable cyanidin pigment, often

present in a glycosylated form). The Seeker wishes to find alternative method in case ETDA is no

longer approved. In current methods, food is heated in cans at approximately 130°C for duration of

15 to 30 minutes.

This pigment decays under various conditions:






-Enzyme Oxydation


Please see PDF for full challenge details

Submission Deadline: 
3 April, 2013
Selection Deadline: 
3 May, 2013