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"Every industry has well known problems. These are often problems where an optimal solution requires expertise from outside the industry's domain. If your company is the first one to introduce specialists outside your field to these problems, your company will have the first chance to find an innovative solution."—Karim Lakhani (HBS)  


Hypios is a French company that was created in 2008 to help corporations meet specific R&D needs and thrive from the speed, cost-efficiency, and novelty of its unique approach to Open-problem solving. Its key product, hy.Marketplace, is an online platform on which “Seekers” post R&D problems and select a deadline and a price for the successful “Solver.”   But the underlying process goes much further. Hypios relies on core proprietary software (hy.Proximity) for in-depth semantic analysis of each problem, and competency discovery technology able to sound the web to find relevant experts. This ensures that challenges are not broadcast to the entire world, but “narrowcast” to relevant expertise in a pre-selected range of scientific discipline. This helps maximize the number of relevant, and often “adjacent” solutions, from a network of over 950,000 experts across the world. We call this intelligent crowdsourcing.   In 2011, Hypios launched a successful partnership campaign with leaders in France, Europe, and the US. These alliances are not only aimed at helping our clients (Alma Consulting Group, Bluenove, Créargie), but also provide key advantages to solvers (Equalis) and expand our range of services (Expernova, ScienceExchange). Hypios will continue to strengthen its partner network in other regions of the world in 2013.      


Contact us: For further information on Hypios products and services, or to launch an open-problem solving campaign to accelerate and expand your innovation process, please contact us now. A representative will guide you through the process and answer any question you may have.

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